Who am I ?

I created Harmonie et Naissance in September 2011. Doula Caro Before this, during my first job, I met the business value added and its constraints.
Becoming a mother, it made me evolve and I was passionated about perinatal, that is now a focus of my work!

I have three children, two boys and a girl, and all my maternity has enriched me, I learned a lot through these experiences. I was able to breastfeed, I learned and loved to take care of my babies, to bring them in a sling. My father is French and my mother is Mexican, I grew up in France and I am enriched by these two cultures. I speack French, English and Spanish.
I later discovered the benefits of massage, I met wonderful people who made me evolve. I made mine touching benefits, and caring doula, I trainied full cycles in different techniques. I am today a welfare practitioner and a certified doula.

Rich in all these experiences, I exercise a close business people to listen to you both in my job doula than in wellness practitioner. I chose to offer my services: moments of relaxation for all, real Healing, and for parents an authentic emotional support.

Close to you
Listening to you,
I support you.